Anxiety when facing exams is a common thing among students at every level of education. But when it seems like the students are undergoing a lot of stress, especially in the area of Maths, then something needs to be done about it. This is the case with the General Certificate for Secondary Education (GCSE) and the primary reason why Maths tuition should be encouraged.

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The GCSE was first introduced about thirty years ago under Margaret Thatcher to replace CSEs and O-levels. This new exam was created in such a way that it covers an extensive spectrum of ability instead of the old way of distinguishing between high-fliers who went for O-levels and the ones with low ability who sat CSEs.

But lately, students have been struggling with stress brought on by GCSE exams and this write-up on ways to alleviate the stress. A sixteen-year-old stated how she suffered panic attacks and increased anxiety spells as students wrote GCSE Maths exams. Most of these students never had the chance to work with a private Maths tutor who would simplify every aspect of the subject for them.

Most of these adolescents are angry, and they are not at fault in any way. The anxiety, stress, and pressure that they experience when preparing for GCSE exams is infuriating and could explode into a mess if something is not done about it.

Schools can be of immense help to these students by encouraging the following:

Take Cautionary Action – It is best for schools to start making plans for revision and not wait until students begin to battle stress. Stress brings a lot with, including lack of concentration and inability to cope in classes.

This is why more time should be devoted to mindfulness techniques as it will show how crucial wellbeing is to the students.

Encourage Extracurricular Activities – The exam period is fraught with revisions and most students will not be in a jovial mood. This is not a good development as no one can study or revise academic work 24/7. Therefore, it is essential to promote or encourage students to pursue whatever hobbies they enjoy. This will help to put their anxious minds at ease.

Other areas of interest such as arts and culture should be introduced to students and encourage light debates or discussions about the importance of creative designs to the society.

Maths Tuition – This is perhaps the most critical point to take note of in this write-up. Private Maths tutors are becoming more in demand to help students pass GCSE Maths. By rubbing minds with a private Maths tutor, students will be able to grasp or comprehend Maths more efficiently and will put them in a better frame of mind when the time comes to write GCSE Maths.

Maths tuition is not a costly endeavor and should be encouraged as much as possible since the world is becoming more advanced technologically every day. This is why every measure must be put in place to ensure that students write GCSE Maths in the right frame of mind.